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Solo - At Last!!

After the Ballina run I thought I would remove the rear seat/sissy bar and fit my newly aquired fender bib. Took a little while - I now know not to remove all the bolts at once other wise the fender will drop.

Anyway, it looks hot - very retro - wish I could keep it as a solo. Really highlights the rear fender.

Beaker Sings.....

Beaker, the silent Muppet, shows us what he can really do!!

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The Creed

I ride because it is fun. I ride because I enjoy the freedom I feel from being exposed to the elements, and the vulnerability to the danger that is intrinsic to riding.

I do not ride because it is fashionable to do so.

I ride my machine, not wear it. My machine is not a symbol of status. It exists simply for me, and me alone.

My machine is not a toy. It is an extension of my being, and I will treat it accordingly, with the same respect as I have for myself.

I strive to understand the inner-workings of my machine, from the most basic to the most complex. I learn everything I can about my machine, so that I am reliant upon no one but myself for its health and well-being.

I strive to constantly better my skill of control over my machine. I will learn it's limits, and use my skill to become one with my machine so that we may keep each other alive. I am the master, it is the servant. Working together in harmony, we will become an invincible team.

I do not fear death. I will, however, do all possible to avoid death prematurely. Fear is the enemy, not death. Fear on the highway leads to death, therefore I will not let fear be my master. I will master it.

My machines will outlive me. Therefore, they are my legacy. I will care for them for future bikers to cherish as I have cherished them, whoever they may be.

I do not ride to gain attention, respect, or fear from those that do NOT ride, nor do I wish to intimidate or annoy them. For those that do not know me, all I wish from them is to ignore me. For those that desire to know me, I will share with them the truth of myself, so that they might understand me and not fear others like me.

I will never be the aggressor on the highway. However, should others fuck with me, their aggression will be dealt with in as severe manner as I can cast upon them.

I will show respect to other bikers more experienced or knowledgeable than I am. I will learn from them all I can. However, if my respect is not acknowledged or appreciated, it will end.

I will not show disrespect to other bikers less experienced or knowledgeable than I am. I will teach them what I can. However, if they show me disrespect, they will be bitch-slapped.

It will be my task to mentor new riders, that so desire, into the lifestyle of the biker, so that the breed shall continue. I shall instruct them, as I have been instructed by those before me. I shall preserve and honor traditions of bikers before me, and I will pass them on unaltered.

I will not judge other bikers on their choice of machine, their appearance, or their profession. I will judge them only on their conduct as bikers. I am proud of my accomplishments as a biker, though I will not flaunt them to others. If they ask, I will share them.

I will stand ready to help any other bikers that truly needs my help. I will never ask another biker to do for me what I can do for myself. I am not a part-time biker. I am a biker when, and where-ever I go. I am proud to be a biker, and hide my chosen lifestyle from no one. I ride because I love freedom, independence, and the movement of the ground beneath me. But most of all, I ride to better understand myself, my machine, the lands in which I ride, and to seek out and know other bikers like myself.


Upcoming Biker Events

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A Little About Me....

I started this blog a while back with the intention of sharing some of the fantastic roads we have here in South-East Queensland. Since that time it has grown to also include reviews of roads further afield, some bike reviews, videos and other motorcycle related issues.

So, a bit about me...I have not had my bike license all that long - back when I was younger I used to get around on the back of a mates old CB250 - I owned a car but found it more fun on the back of his bike. We had some great times getting around on it. That was until I saw the results of a friend coming to grief whilst riding his RD250 - I swore to myself that I would never ride a motorcycle after seeing the extent of his injuries.

That was many years ago when I was still young and nieve - after many years of driving, a move to north to a more bike friendly location (weather wise) and splitting from my ex, I thought about looking around to replace my POS car that I had. Now at the time I was not in a great position cash wise, and for the money I did have I was not going to get what I was looking for - it was then that I thought about a motorcycle.

I started looking at what was around, and realised that I could get myself a decent bike for the same cash. I enrolled in a Q-Ride course back in late 2004 and completed it over a couple of days - I was now eligable to ride! My first bike was a trusty old Honda VT750. I rode that bike just about every day that I owned it. I initially spent a lot of time riding with an uncle of an ex, Lawrie, who was an experienced rider and was able to pick up quite a lot of riding tips from him.

After about eight months of riding the VT and learning a lot, I realised that it just was not powerful enough for me. In another four months I would be able to pillion and whilst it was a good bike, it really lacked the get up and go that I would need. I started to look for a replacement. I eventually settled on another Honda, although this time is was a VTX1300. I traded the VT in on it and never looked back - I spent many hours tinkering with and customising the VTX. I loved it - it had the power to move myself and a pillion and although not fast on take off, could keep up a fair pace on the open road with little effort.

I think I learnt the most on this bike - I continued to modify it and eventually got it right for me, whilst enjoying spending time playing around. I came off it a number of times, mostly due to me not paying attention to road conditions, but luckily nothing too serious. Then on Australia Day 2007, both myself and an ex came off the VTX. This was the first time that I had dropped a bike with someone else on the back and it really scared me. Luckily we were only going slow on a wet and diesel covered road, so she was not hurt too bad, but the bike was no longer rideable.

After this, I was left without a bike for a few weeks whilst the insurance claim was processed. I eventually received my payout and decided that it was time for a change. I had seen the Suzuki GSX1400 a number of times and had really started to fall for it. Not only was it a performance machine, but it was also pillion friendly. I took one for a ride and then took my ex on the back to ride with me - we decided then that this was my next bike. I put a deposit down and picked it up a week later. Since I picked it up, I have spent a lot of time tinkering with it, ridden many miles on it and will say that it was a great bike.

Towards the end of 2010 I decided it was time for another bike - I had my heart set on the new Z1000. I took one for a ride and loved it but unfortunately I looked like a gorilla sitting on it - it was just too small for me. I rode round the corner to the Suzuki dealer and immediately spotted what I wanted - a new Blue & White 2010 B-King. I did the deal that morning without even riding it - I had previously ridden one back in 2008 and whilst it was not as comfortable as the GSX1400, the performance grabbed me instantly. Since riding out of the shop in December of 2010 I have loved this bike with a passion - it goes, sounds great and really turns heads!!

I love riding - I am fortunate in that I do it everyday simply due to the fact that I choose not to own a car - I have shared many great experiences with good friends that I have met through riding - I look forward to every weekend, when I can get out on the road and explore this great part of the world without being trapped and away from the fresh air.

If you ride, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do - if you don't ride then I suggest you get out there and try it. You will enjoy!