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Snowy Ride is on!!

Well I just paid for our accomodation in Thredbo for the Snowy Ride in November - yee haa!! Looking forward to that. Will be spending a nigt or two prior in Sydney at Kat's sisters place in Mossman and coming back from Thredbo via Canberra.

Can't wait...

Long Time Coming - Lions Road

It has been a lot time between rides for me and on Sunday I was able to get on it and go!! Did a ride with what started as 12 other bikes south over Lions Rd to Woodenbong for lunch and then home. This was not the usual lame club ride but a full on ride where speed was not the issue - only the cops. Only knew a couple of the bikes - all the rest were a mix of HD's and sportys.

We started at Logan Village and our first smoko stop was at Beaudesert where we decided the lunch venue of the Woodenbong Pub. From that first stop the fun started - not far out of Beaudesert we struck one then two patrol cars - the first one I passed at 160 trying to catch the leaders. The only reason I wasn't pursued was I think the R1's got his attention just before me - lucky. The 3 x R1's with us saw the first car and cars coming the other way flashing so they turned and took off to divert both of the cop cars away from us - apparently they have fake plates and love playing with the cops. The rest of the ride was fantastic going hard and fast thru the twisties up and over Lions Rd and all the way to Woodenbong - stunning scenery, beautiful weather and even a good lunch!!

The ride home we didn't slow until traffic just after Beaudesert. The twisties past Mt Lindsay were excellent - never thought I would enjoy twisties on a cruiser. From there most of them headed back to Logan Village and I headed home. Never heard whether the R1's outrun the cops either but I bet they did!!