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Sydney and the Snowys....

Kat and I have agreed on the route for our ride down to Sydney and then on to Thredbo for the Snowy Ride. (Check it out here) We are leaving next Tuesday 23rd November and should be back at the end of the following week - not exactly planned yet!! We will be spending a full day in both Sydney and the south coast of NSW somewhere to do the touristy stuff. We have also decided to include Moruya and Batemans Bay on the return trip from Thredbo - decided to bypass Canberra and get to Katoomba via Oberon (only 15kms of dirt and have been told the road is really scenic) so we are really excited about that part of the ride. I plan to take heaps of pix and will try to post daily depending on access to the internet.

So keep check on how we are going....

Awesome Weekend In Gladstone

Well it all started at 8.30am Friday morning , the bikes rolled in & so did the rain but that didn't stop the Logan Villagers & co . There was Grizz, Panda, Grant, Vicky, Steve, Jodie, Dave, Xena, L.J., Dodge & Koff all loaded up & itchin to get going so we rolled out of Park Ridge at 9am sharp on what turned out to be an adventure of a life time .

The first leg was pretty normal up the Gateway & the Bruce Hwy to the B.P. Burpengary for our first of many fuel stops . From there we hit the road again everything pretty normal UNTIL we got to the Coloundra interchange & there it was, a cop bike parked ever so crashedly under the boot of a car in the southbound lane . It was so cool ya should a seen it, one totally wrecked ST 1100 .

With that behind us we thundered on towards the Caltex at Gympie for our next stop at least for most of us anyway , Panda decided to lead the pack & missed the stop due to the pissing down rain, but that was ok we would catch her sooner or later and that we did about 100klms up the road there she was sitting in a service station at Tiaro on the bloody phone havin a chat, so we gave her a toot and kept rollin to Maryborough for a quick bunga/bum break, it was at this point we lost Dodge , but not for long, upon our arrival at Childers we came across this black Triumph parked in the main street & Dodge hanging out of the window of the nearest pub with a Jim Beam in one hand and a durrie in the other so we kept going through to the Apple Tree Creek Hotel to stop for lunch. Well most of us did anyway , everybody except Koff, but ya get that when ya GOT NO BRRAAKKEESS hey mate. The bolt that connects the the forward controls to the rear brakes fell out God knows where , so while we all ate our lunch whilst McGiver (Grant) and Koff fixed the problem & we were off again just up the road to the Caltex to give the steeds another drink & dispose of the wet weather gear as the rain had gone. L.J. traded his soggy boots for a pair of thongs, Dodge took his Sheriffs outfit off, gotta get him a badge & guns one day. Good xmas prezzy idea guys what do ya reckon lol.
Undercover parking as well!!!
All n all pretty uneventful until we where ready to roll and Dodge decides to drop the Triumph, don't know how , don't know why but there they were Dodge & bike both laying on the ground so we got them up & off we went to Gladstone. (No damage to either him or his machine.)
Water that grass Dodge!!!
As we thundered into town we got a bit disorientated, lets just say the towns folk of Gladstone knew we were there up & down the streets we roared looking for our bunk house, finally we found it , there it was THE GLADSTONE BACKPACKERS HOSTEL so we checked in under our real names Jeff & Pat Godfrey, Dodge Regal, oh & Martin Koff (kumatay) got the cooks tour & the warning about the steps down to the rooms. So we unloaded the bikes had a tub & called the pub courtesy bus to run us down to the local for a well warranted piss up . But we had a slight hold up or should I say fall down , no not Dodge, no not Martin aka Koff No it was Grizz from the top of the said stairs to the bottom , no major damage twisted ankle & bung elbow nothing a couple of beers wont fix (sorry to those readers that were hopeing he broke his neck & died better luck next time) It takes more than a tumble down a flight of stairs to stop this big unit let me tell you.
The bikes with cops in the background
Well the alarm went off at 6am & the skys were clear so we kicked the trusty steeds in the guts and headed for the Mobil to top up our tanks for the BLACK ULANS MC/OUTLAWS MC GLADSTONE POKER RUN , well we travelled no further than 700 metres from the hostle & were spotted by the cops. First was a dog box then a pursuit car, then another pursuit car, than another, we were surrounded by cops at the servo one videoing, another doing rego/warrant checks another doing Breath tests they were hot . All up we were told 100 extra cops & the hoon squad were in town just for the Poker Run . No tea & scones here fellas just good old fashioned biker fun.
..another one for the collection...with Koffs in the background
After a few soft drinks at the Reef Hotel the run got under way, 100 leather cladded mad bastards roared out of Gladstone leaving the coppers for dead. I don't know where we went but we were flying, nothing under 140 kph through some of the sweetest high speed roads I have ever travelled for about 40 minutes to the Colliapie Hotel for our 2nd card. We were there for about 20 mins before the cops rolled in. Then off to Miriamvale for our 3rd card & lunch, it took the piggies an hour to find us this time so we left there and headed to the Tannum Sands hotel for our 4th card, it was on this leg that the boys in blue took a shitload of photos & did sound tests as we turned off the hwy & roared off up the hill & that was the last we saw of them. the pub...
The final leg was as usual a sprint back to the club house for more piss, burnouts, trophies and prizes, I must say we all did well , first up was the BEST JAPPA which was was won by Koffs Awsome Mean Steak then BEST PAINT won by Grizz's mind blowing VN Classic, Grant & Vicky $100 worth of meat and a shit load of other stuff. L.J. won a camel back, Panda won a video & some oil, Dave & Xena won chain lube stubbie coolers, Steve & Jodie won shirts n stuff, Koff picked up a $50 booze voucher & Dodge well Dodge hung his head & cried because he didn't win Best British so Gus tossed him a stubbie cooler & that made him happy. All in all as a group we did bloody well I reckon.
Koff on the Mean Streak
The next morning we all got up & headed to Maccas for a coffee before heading home & you guessed it we were greeted by not one but two car loads of the local brass the first lot just drove through the carpark but the second parked & got out , well Koff had had enough & fronted them in the carpark so we all got in to back him up (as bikers do) we hit them with shitloads of questions & steve started taking photos of THEM for a change, they didn't like it much, then we left for home . But we didn't get far before the only Harley in the group had a problem, mudguard rubbing on the tyre, so McGiver aka Grant sorted the problem shed some weight onto Panda's VTX & we were off again with Koff & his BEST JAPPA in the lead. It was a pretty quick sunny run home until we stopped at the Freemasons Hotel at Gympie for lunch $9.95 p/hd all u can eat smoggo Grizz was wrapped but Dodge out did him I think. We got away from there at around 2.30pm & hit rain until Burpengary which was the last stop before home and a hot shower at 5.30pm.
....somewhere on the road....
I don't know whether Grant & Vicky got home or not because the last time anyone saw them they were heading up the road on the back wheel .

This report was extracted from the files of the QLD Traffic Branch.

Check out the rest of the photos from the weekend here

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The Gladstone Weekend

A message to you lucky bastards heading to Gladstone for this weekend.....don't forget to take pics (lots of em) and stay upright!!

By the way, Grizz / Panda will be posting a report from this weekend so what ever happens everyone will read about it here!!