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I'm a bloody idiot!!

Last Wednesday I got to work late coz I took one of my girls to hospital for her annual checkup. In doing so I missed eating mid morning - for those that know me (or any type 1 diabetic) this is not good. By mid afternoon I had very low blood sugar and was not in the best condition. One of the guys at work realised that I was not well and suggested that I not ride home. So....what do you reckon I did???

For those that don't know much about diabetes....when your blood sugar levels drop below a certain level your body is literally starved of fuel. The first thing that is effected is your brain and it slowly begins to shut down - it feels like being really drunk and really tired. Very dangerous if riding, so I nearly always check myself before riding. On this occassion I did not.

Anyway, I got on my bike and headed for home. I got to Morningside which is near half way and the bike ran out of fuel. Instead of flipping to reserve and cruising into the next fuel stop I rode the bike till it stopped and just kept trying to start it in the middle of Wynnum Rd in peak hour traffic - I was not all there. I got it going for a few hundred metres more and rode straight past a fuel station. When it stopped I again sat there trying to start the bike, still not fully aware of where I was or what I was doing, and again holding traffic up.

I finally pulled off the road and then rolled the bike backwards down a hill really close to on coming traffic (some of them were swerving to avoid me) and then into the servo. I got myself a bottle of Coke and then "came to" realising what I had done. I could have quite easily killed myself or someone else, but when your blood sugar level is low rational thinking goes out the door.

Yesterdat I discussed what happened with some people at work and they now know to check that I am ok before I head for home on the bike. It still freaks me out when I think about the condition I was in and the fact that I was riding in heavy traffic. It was a stupid thing to do.

I don't want to freak anyone out that I ride with but...if your ever on a ride with me just check on me every now and then!

For more info on what diabetes is like, check this out.


Looks like we all have something to do on the 18th / 19th of February - BikeMania

The First VTXOA Run

For those that don't know, the VTXOA is the VTX Owners Association which is an American website with a very helpful message board. Check it out here. There is also an Australian Chapter on this site and some of the guys around Brisbane who post on it decided to get together and do a ride together for the first time. This is how it went....

Well Saturday was not looking too good - the forecast was for showers all day but the good thing was everyone wanted to at least meet at the BP on the Bruce Hwy. I left home about 6:30 with my wets on - didn't look too good at first but as I got closer to the Gateway and fueled up, the sun was starting to break through. Once I reached the top of the bridge I could see that there were a couple of small rain patches to the north but otherwise the weather looked good. Headed up to the BP - very little traffic and no rain so it was a good run. Got to the BP in full sun, immediately bagged the wet weather gear and went in and grabbed a coffee.

The other guys rolled in on time and we went about introducing ourselves. There were five bikes - Tukster and his wife on an orange 1800, Python on a black 1800, Angry on an orange 1300, Snappa on a black 1300 and of course me on my orange 1300. After a brief discussion we decided to head up the coast to Tin Can Bay. Gear on and out on to the highway but wasn't long before we struck our first bit of rain - only light so it wasn't too bad and we were dry within 20 minutes of it stopping. We took turns at leading with all checking each of the bikes out. The guys all rode at a decent pace too so it was enjoyable. Got to the Matilda servo just before Gympie and pulled in to fuel up and have a break.

Back on the road and into Gympie - Angry decided that he would fuel up here after not doing so at the Matilda, so we stopped again (bloody hell mate!!). A couple of the others also joined him. Back onto the road and the run out to Tin Can Bay was good. Long straights and nice sweeping corners - just right for the VTX's. Rode into Tin Can Bay about 10:30 and headed down to the boat ramp where the dolphins are fed. As we rolled up there were a couple of dolphins having a feed. Stayed there for a while grabbing a drink and some tucker at the shop and talking VTX.

After a while we decided to head to the pub for a meal so we rode the short distance and headed into the Sleepy Lagoon Hotel. Had a couple of drinks out on the balcony and continued the VTX discussion. Then went into the lounge and got a feed. It was good chatting with the guys about the bikes and life in general.

The bikes outside the pub at Tin Can Bay

After lunch we re-mounted and headed back inland to Gympie to get onto the highway. The weather was full on sun and it was a warm dry ride until near Gympie where we copped a bit more rain. Back onto the highway and heading home - bit of traffic but we got around most of it. Pulled into a servo near Yandina so those thirsty 1800's could have a drink and said our goodbyes there. Back onto the highway and the next exit both Angry and Tukster departed.

Continued down the highway until the Redcliff turn off where Snappa left us and then the Gateway where I left Python. Got home around 4pm after about 495km of riding. Was a great day out and we will be doing it again soon.

Odins Warriors Poker Run

Geez, I have been so slack lately - been over a week since a couple of us did this run and I'm only posting now. Time to pulll finger!!

Well last Saturday the 7th, Grizz and I met up on the M1 and then headed down to pick up Koff. Got to Koff's house and man what a sight - had his lime green (same colour as his Mean Streak!) tee and green floral boardies on - said it was so we wouldn't loose him - ha!! He looked like Kermit!! We got back onto the M1 and proceeded to the South Tweed Hotel just over the border to register for the run. A lot of bikes there already with nearly all being HD's although there was a strong showing of Mean Streaks. Caught up with Wolf (another Mean Streak rider) and his missus and registered for the run.

Started the run around 1pm with about 100 bikes and we headed out to Terranora and then through Murwillumbah and onto the first stop at Uki. Some of the roads we covered were really good taking us through cane fields and then into mountains. Copped a little bit of rain but it was mostly overcast so not too hot. Stopped at the pub in Uki and had lunch and drinks as well as getting our cards stamped.

From Uki we headed along more back roads and over the Burringbar Ranges then crossing the Pacific Hwy - more riding returning across the Pacific Hwy and again more back roads. I must admit the route we took was good. Crossed back onto the beach side of the Pacific Hwy again and this time we headed for Pottsville - a lot of people (campers etc) on the side of the ride watching us slowly make our way to the Pottsville Hotel where we pulled in for a drink and card stamping.

On leaving Pottsville we headed up the coast for a short ride and then back inland winding our way to our next stop at the Tumbulgum Hotel. This is a great pub right on the Tweed River and is usually very busy on weekends - especially when 100 bikes roll up!! It was while here that we noticed a guy on a Road King with a sidecar. He had his son on the back and his missus and a younger son in the sidecar - the whole family doing a poker run - good on him!! After some more card stamping and a couple of drinks it was back on the road towards the OW Clubhouse.

I managed to get in front of the guy and his family in the sidecar and man he was not holding back - considering his cargo. Anyway we meandered through Terranora and eventually ended up at the clubhouse in an industrial estate in South Tweed. Went in and checked the clubhouse out and then ended up outside listening to the band and checking out some of the bikes.

The whole arvo was a really good ride and there were no real idiots on the road. I ended up leaving about 6:30 and headed to Kat's place just down the road at Kingscliff.

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Kingscliff and Murwillumbah

Well life is just so hard at the moment being on holidays!! As Kat was working most of last week and the kids had to go somewhere on Tuesday the 27th December I thought I would do a short ride from Kingscliff. I took off about 7:30 and headed south along the coast riding through Casuarina, Cabarita Beach and Pottsville. Beautiful weather only requiring a tee shirt whilst riding along side the Pacific Ocean with hardly any traffic - oooohhhh. Stopped at a lookout at Cabarita overlooking the beach and had a drink whilst really enjoying the view - this is a beautiful part of the country and not spoiled by high rise buildings and thousands of tourists - yet!! Remounted and rode as far as I could (about another 10kms) before the road headed inland and over the Pacific Hwy onto the Tweed Coast Way (old Pacific Hwy). I followed this over the Burringbar Ranges (big name for a few small hills) and the road was unreal - I didn't even know this existed - long sweeping corners and cool shaded stretches for about 30kms before decending into Murwillumbah.
Along side a freshly harvested sugar cane field looking towards Mt Warning
Really enjoyable. Stopped in the main street in Murwillumbah and had a look around at the shops. Thought I would check out the local employment agency to see what work was available coz I do love this part of the country and could quite easily leave the city behind. Unfortunately it wasn't open so I will need to come back next week. Got back on the bike and thought I would avoid the Hwy and head staight back across to the coast by a different road. Got to Condong and turned left heading back to the coast through some of the many sugar cane plantations of this area. Pulled over on the side of the road next to a just harvested field soaking up the scenery - took a couple of photos and then kept going. The road out to the coast was at first very slow and winding and then once over the Pacific Hwy again rode the long sweeping corners till Pottsville. Turned left and headed back through Cabarita and Casuarina to Kingscliff. A really nice short ride of just over 100kms.