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Dodging Traffic - Not!

For those of you that were not aware, our little road warrior, Dodge, had a bit of an off on Sunday evening. He was heading in towards the city with Eddie and one of Eddie's mates when a car decided to turn across in front of him at a set of lights on Main Street at Wooloongabba. From what Dodge told me, there was a car turning right from his side and a car heading in the opposite direction also wanting to turn right. Because the driver could not see the traffic heading towards her, she just decided to gun it through the orange light assuming there was no traffic, but unfortunately collected Dodge.

He hit the front left fender of the car and luckily flew onto the bonnet and then onto the road - could have so easily been straight into the pillar a second later. He had absolutely no skin off - considering he didn't have a jacket on, I would say he is very lucky. When he did hit the ground on the other side, he damaged his left knee and his back. He told me that he felt like he could not breath for "ages" - he struggled for air and finally was able to take in very small amounts. A few people assisted him at the scene and he was taken the short distance by ambulance to the PA Hospital.

Anyway, he ended up with a fractured vertabra and a shattered knee - he was in a fair bit of pain when I saw him and is going in for a knee reco this morning, Tuesday. I am going to see him tonight to see how his knee turned out and will provide updates.

Our thoughts are with ya, mate.

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Sexy Streetfighter

Check this thing's got the Road Star Warrior engine in it (that's a 1670cc v-twin), 57 inch wheelbase and a 250 rear tire. The rearsets made from titanium as well as the headlight and front fender brackets. The frame, swingarm and handlebars are clear powdercoated chromoly. The fuel tank and tailsection is made from 1.6mm aluminum.

So, what do ya reckon? Think it would go?


Boonah & Maryvale

Think I will let the pics do the talking this week. All up there were seven bikes that left from Grizz & Panda's place on Sunday morning. We were joined on the ride by Koff's uncle over from New Zealand - he was on the Mean Streak while Koff was fortunate enough to borrow a schmiko $90k chopper from his very generous and trustworthy boss!

Was a great day, stopping for lunch at the Dugandan Hotel just outside of Boonah and then up Cunninghams Gap to the Crown Hotel at Maryvale!!

All pics were taken by Panda from the back of Grizz's bike - thanks mate. She is really producing some great shots - check out the one of the chopper on a lean.


The chopper - not too overdone - simple but sexy

Chopper and bikes

Chopper again

I just had to sit on it - man you are close to the road!

On the road

Koff looking the part

...and again

On one of the back roads

Dugandan Pub

Dunno what he's doing!!

Mmmm, nice bike!

Enjoying an ale or two

Clear the way - gotta get a picture!


Let's go

Cheers bro!!

Go the Zooki!!

Bum break at Moogerah Dam (more like a puddle)

What are you lookin at??

Like it says....


A peaceful setting


Oh yeah

Oh look - another one of those Trumpet thingys!

Dodge lost his hangover and assumed his usual place up front.

TDM power

Riding up Cunninghams Gap

Great action shot of the chopper

...and again

Show us ur tits!

Top of the range

Heading towards Maryvale

The two best bikes out front of the Crown - ok I am biased I know!!

The others parked in the shade

My Zooki!!

Sweet chopper!

Another cleansing ale


Beechmont & Springbrook

Kat & I rose on Saturday and decided to take a spin down the coast on the GSX. This was the first time I had ridden with her on the back of the new bike since getting it. We headed from Kingslciff down to Cabarita Beach where we stopped to checkout some of the surfing, and then turned inland towards Mooball. The GSX ate up the twistie roads and was a dream to ride two-up - no noticable difference in power and only a slight difference in handling. We reached the old Victory Hotel tee intersection at Mooball and headed to the Moo Moo Cafe down road to the left for a coffee - that's the one painted up like a cow! This place is like a mueseum - it is an old servo with the workshop area converted to a coffee shop as well as shop for older style furniture. Out the back there are a few farmyard animals to keep both kids and adults amused. We sat out the back and watched the chickens wandering amongst the tables feeding. With coffee finished, we decided to ride the highway for the 30km squirt back up to Kingy.

On arriving back at Kat's place, I rang Grizz who told me he and a couple of others were heading up to Springbrook for a ride. Kat had planned to spend the day with her daughter, so I decided to meet up with them at Canungra. Within about 15 minutes I was heading up the M1 towards Nerang. Took exit 73 and headed inland towards Canungra along the Beaudesert-Nerang Rd, arriving at the pub at about 11am. About 10 minutes later Gizz & Panda, Jim & Tracey and Dodge showed up. We downed a drink and then headed off along one of my favourite roads - up and over Beechmont, Lower Beechmont and then to Advancetown.

As the others were riding two up, Dodge and I took off. I did this road not that long ago on the VTX, but it is a different story now - the GSX loves to corner and I put her to work just trying to keep Dodge in sight - for what his bike is it can really get up and go. As I am still getting used to the feel of the GSX, I was taking it relatively easy but it was still heaps of fun. We decended through Lower Beechmont and then onto the Advancetown Pub. The others pulled in a few minutes later and we decided to head down the Numinbah Valley and lunch at the "Cafe with the Bowser" (can't remember it's name). Again Dodge and I took off for a bit of fun on the sweepers along the Nerang-Murwillumbah Rd. Opened her up a little on the straight stretches and shot from 120 to 180 in no time. It was on this stretch that I really got a feel of how well the GSX corners and being able to really power out of them - there is nothing like moving from a cruiser with limited ground clearance and onto a bike that handles the tight curves with ease. Magic!

Pulled into the cafe with the others coming in about 10 minutes later. Ordered lunch and then sat down to eat. A few others pulled in on their BMW's (must have been a club) a little later but other than that it was quiet. We made a decision over lunch to head up to Springbrook and so once finished we headed back along the Nerang-Murwillumbah Rd to the Springbrook turn-off and then began the ascent. This road was fun with sweepers and some tight turns all the way to the Gold Coast-Springbrook Rd. Turned right and headed further up and into Springbrook then onto the national park and Purlingbrook Falls. These falls are spectacular - if you desire you can actually walk down to the valley floor and beneath the water as it hits the rock pool. We stayed up the top and took in the vista from the lookout watching others way down at the base. After taking it all in we headed back to the bikes and began the journey down towards the M1.

The road back down towards the Gold Coast is about as challenging as you will find anywhere in the hinterland. Lots of switchbacks and some very slow, single lane sections, all of which I enjoyed. It was on this stretch that I forgot to lift my feet from beneath the gear lever and caught the tip of my boot on the road as I passed through a tight corner. No damage done, just a bit of a scare and I learnt from that one. Dodge and I pulled in at the military mueseum down the bottom and a few minutes later were joined by the others. We had a bit of a look at the display of guns, swords and badges in the reception area but decided against paying the $7 to walk right through. We said our goodbyes and rode out towards the M1 - it was here that I headed south to Kat's while the others turned north.

Was a great day to be back in the saddle and with over 350kms under the belt I am feeling a lot more at ease on the GSX!

Cabarita Beach earlier in the day

Cabarita again

At the pub in Canungra

Leaving Canungra

On the road

Advancetown Pub

The bikes at Springbrook

Portrait time

Long way down

The falls showing a couple of people way down the bottom

Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to reach the pedals on this piece of shit??