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Koff & Trishes Easter

I received an email from Koff about his and Trishes visit to the Gold Coast, so I thought I would post it.

Easter Time, So I thought I would take Tiki down to the Gold Coast for some civilization and so contacted Steve and Denitta to see if anyone had a free bike I could ride as I could not take mine down due to all the stuff we had. I loath to borrow another mans bike but I was busting to ride with my friends on the Coast again A few days later Beaker emailed me and kindly offered his Suzuki GSX 1400, To say this monster bike is a freak-machine on steroid's is putting it nicely. It is super quick! and would easily put the wind up me if I so choose to open that throttle..... I didn't. Two reasons, first- it's not my bike, Second- I was just plain SCARED. I hit the 145kmh mark to overtake a couple of times but that was it as I have done that on mine plus more. We took off from Steve and Denitta's place to pick up Dodge who insisted the night before that he wanted to come, (I new he wouldn't) so off we went for a good lazy ride around the Redland bay and Cleveland area. A thirst was developing with us boys so we headed for the Wellington Point pub, I won't mention Steve's name but our ride leader got lost so although I was the "out of town guest" I had to hit the lead and head for the Cleveland Point pub, A beer to wash the spud wedges down and then home to watch the Rugby at five. A short ride but great to catch up with some good people and ride again, Shame my mate Beaker was over in Borat-land. I had to ride the bike back to my Mum's place and I sent Tikis blue Toyota outside for the night while the Suzuki got the carpeted garage to sleep in for the night, Priorities girl! Many thanks to Steve and Denitta for a great days ride and a beaut Dinner back at their place that night.Many thanks to the big fella Beaker for the loan of his rocket on wheels, what a bike! Thanks Mate. Koff. (keep it up.... the girls like it that way)

Well done guys - I am so envious!!


Twist The Throttle

The Iron Chef from Motorcycle Paradise has posted a link to a great resource for all motorcycle enthusiasts that Discovery Channel has put together called Twist The Throttle.

Check out his post and the link here.

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Motorcycle Ballet

Viewed this on another blog that I visit regularly, She Rides A Beemer, and thought it was simply amazing!

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Back In The Saddle

Kat & I finally got back on the road whilst I was at home on my break, and boy was it good!!

Grizz had arranged a "mystery ride" and I was really looking forward to it. We headed to Eddie's place early on Sunday morning and met up with John, Grasshopper, Dodge and Eddie, as well as Lynne who was travelling by car. We rode together down to our meeting place, the Park Ridge Tavern carpark. A few new faces & bikes showed up along with the usual mob and it was great to see everyone together. We spent a while there catching up - I took particular interest in Mikes new toy, a very grunty looking silver MT-01.

After about 45 minutes we geared up and hit the black stuff, heading south along Mt Lindsay Hwy towards the Rathdowney Pub for our first stop. We rode as a group for the majority of the way until I decided to make a break and really feel the wind against my chest, something that I had missed so much over the previous 7 weeks. There was very little traffic on the road and the GSX did what it was built to do - go baby, go! I was surprised that no one followed. We arrived at the pub about 5 minutes before the others, and I could not wipe the cheesy grin off my face.

We had a couple of drinks and then set off as a group again, taking the right turn onto the road to Boonah. I took it easy from here and hung at the back of the group, prefering to watch the 12 or so bikes snake their way along this great piece of road. Couldn't help but notice how good the surrounding country is looking - a lot greener than the last time I was out this way, obviously benefiting from all the rain that had fallen whilst I was away. We turned off before Boonah and followed the road through Mt Alford and passing Lake Moogerah. One of the guys was very lucky not to be cleaned up by a bull that tried to cross the road and rejoin his mates - the hazards of unfenced sections of road.

We finally pulled into the Peakes Crossing pub around lunch time - those of you that have been there will know that while it is not much to look at from the road, they serve a fantastic pizza and plenty of it! Funnily enough, Kat & I decided on the steak sandwich instead, as we had eaten plenty of pizza the night before. We spent a while in the shade of the beer garden before deciding to fuel up and continue on to our last stop - the Walloon Pub.

A few of the others left the ride after fuelling up on the Cunningham Hwy - the rest of us continued on the short distance to Walloon. On arriving, I was starting to feel it a bit - although we had covered only a shortish distance, my butt and shoulders were getting sore! Not usual for me, but after so long off it I reckon a few longer rides and I would be back to normal. It was also quite warm and the beers were starting to taste real good so we didn't spend too long here - we said our goodbyes and geared up for the last time. We rode home with Dodge, Eddie, Grasshopper along the Ipswich and Logan Motorways.

Was a great day and we really enjoyed it - a big thankyou to everyone for coming along for the ride!!

The bikes...

Rathdowney Pub

Damage on Johno's bike after it fell off the stand - such a pity as it was looking sweet

The turn-off to Boonah

On the road

The bikes at Peakes Crossing

At the Peakes Crossing Pub

A couple of the new guys chatting with Eddie

Standing between Grasshopper & Grizz with that cheesy grin!!

Out front at Walloon

At the Walloon Pub

The route we followed


Bits For My Zook

I'm back!! Finally got the chance to fit some of the parts that I had ordered whilst away and the Zook looks a lot better now.

My right wrist was copping a bit of a flogging on some of the longer rides - the smaller grips on the GSX combined with the different seating position compared to the VTX contributed to that. I decided to get hold of a throttle lock to provide some relief. The Kaoko throttle lock that I ordered was a little more expensive than the widely used Vista Cruise throttle lock, but in my opinion is a much better looking option and easier to fit. As simple as removing the bar end weights and replacing with the one supplied. The lock itself is activated by screwing in the same direction as throttle on - with a little practise it can be done in the one action. For release it is just a matter of screwing in the throttle-off direction. A really great product that I would recommend to anyone considering giving their wrist some temporary relief.

I finally got around to fitting the seat cover that I purchased before Christmas from Bootleg Bike Seats in the UK. Roy was kind enough to make it up and then send it down to me for a fantastic price and his service was great. Kat took it down to John Moorehouse whilst I was away and got him to fit it for $30. It is a bit lairy but I reckon it looks great and is much more appealing than the standard black cover.

The final item I fitted was a chrome cover for my oil cooler that I purchased from Aussie Street Fighters - whats a bike without a bit of chrome??

I did manage to get a ride in with all the guys, but will post that in a few days.

Throttle lock

Some chrome

The flamin' seat cover

View from the top

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