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VIctorian Bush Fire Charity Ride

A Rip Off??

Went to the Australian Motorcycle Expo held for the first time down on the Gold Coast - unfortunately my opinion of such shows has hit a new low.

Whilst a few manufacturers made an effort to display their wares, I thought the whole setup was a rip off - not only were they charging bikes the same price as cars to park, but Honda hardly had any presence, with almost no road bikes available to view. Don't get me wrong, it was good to see some bikes that I really do admire in the flesh (Victory being the main one and some of the Jappers) but the whole thing is a circus, just designed to reap maximum cash from the motorcycling public. There were no "bargains" to be had from any of the manufacturers, there were way too many people in the halls and pricing on food and drinks was ridiculous.

So why go, I hear you say! Well, I like to see what is on the market and also check out bikes that I would not otherwise get the opportunity to touch, sit on, feel. There was a time when events like this were put on and there was no entry fee - it was an attempt by the manufacturers to woo potential customers and also provided the chance for bike lovers to view the products available to them. Unfortunately the money grabbing middle man has crawled out from under his rock and jacked up prices on everything, hoping to skim some cash from the motorcycling public!

There were a lot of stalls selling just about everything that a biker would need, however, it just did not have the atmosphere or feeling of a riders get together for the good of riding. It really felt as if everyone was under pressure to cover their costs.

All I and the motorcycling public of Queensland is asking is that the organisers think a little and look at things such as parking, admission fees and food/drink prices - people will come to see the product, but get mighty pissed off when they know that manufacturers are paying a premium to exhibit and yet the customer has to fork out top dollar to get a bottle of water!!! Note to the organisers - wake up dickheads, people will only put up with this kind of crap for so long. No wonder it wasn't making money in Brisbane and had to be moved down the coast!

Oh, and for the record, I reckon half a day in Moss Street is much better value, so to you guys that organised this event, I definitely won't be back! And I am not alone.

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Australian Road Rider Article

I have been lucky enough to get one of my stories published in the March/April edition of Australian Road Rider. It is from a ride we did back in January of last year through the Mt Jerusalem National Park in northern New South Wales. The Bear contacted me not long after I posted it on here and said he would like to use it, but I thought that he had forgotten about it. It is amongst a number of stories on riding in New South Wales, and I reckon he has done a good job. If you can, get hold of a copy and let me know what you think!!

Original post here.


Good As Gold

I don't usually post too much about upcoming poker runs but I thought this one is worth a mention for two is the prizes on offer, the second and more important reason is being able to show the law makers of this state that we, as riders, will associate with who ever we want and not let them determine that for us. I plan to be there (if I still have a license....but that's another story).

The Good As Gold Poker Run will be taking place on Saturday March 7 - bikes leaving from 31 Tradelink Dr, Browns Plains at 12:30 sharp. Cash, trophies and prizes for the best, second best and worst hands, complimentary food, drinks, raffles throughout the day and an after party with live music, food and adult entertainment. And get this...first prize is a 100 cube Rev Tech motor with ignition and Mikuni carb and second prize is a Rev Tech 6 speed box - now those are prizes!



I dropped the GSX for the fist time yesterday morning and I felt like such a knob!

I rode down to the bottom of my street and went to stop at a tee intersection as I made my way to work. There was a truck removing a large waste bin from one of the houses further along the street I was about to turn into, and it caught my attention. As I came to a stop I think I put my foot down a little late - I had been distracted by trying to work out how I was going to get around the truck. Next thing, I was fighting to keep the bike upright but it had gone too far. I managed to get my right leg out from under the bike just before it hit the bitumen! Ouch!

I quickly picked it up (wow, it was easier than I thought) and then noticed that both the truck driver and the guy from the house had watched it all happen! Double ouch!! The guy walked across the street and asked if I was alright - I told him that I was fine, quickly got back on the bike and rode off. I pulled up around the next corner to check the damage - just a few small scratches on the bike and a very dented ego for the rider!

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Hell To Pay?

Things are starting to warm up down in Sydney following the bombing of the Hells Angels clubhouse at Petersham yesterday. Apparently a HA member was quoted as saying "It's going to get worse"....don't think I would want to be living close to any of the clubs down there at the moment!

Read more about it here, but as usual we dunno how much of what the journalists write is true.