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2010 Calendars

These great quality A3 sized calendars are now on sale - if you want to get hold of one, send me an email and I will advise you of the ordering procedure.

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How Long Has It Been?

Hey there, sorry I haven't written anything of late, I guess the summer weather tends to lead to more motorcycling and less blogging. And WoW isn't summer Hot!

It was a real struggle riding on the Toy Ride last Saturday, but seeing so many people (especially the children and oldies) getting such a thrill out of watching the passing parade and then being able to donate money and a special toy to some needy children made it very worthwhile. Apparently there were around 800 bikes in the parade with the town’s people lining the roads all the way to cheer us on and hand over toys for donation. It actually gave me goose bumps seeing the joy it bought to people all braving a stinking hot day for a good cause. It’s always good to catch up with friends on the ride and I even made some nice new friends.

That was one of the most sedate rides I've been on for a while, so naturally I have tales of a few other rides that had the revs up higher. Let me think....working my way back...

There was a ride the prior Saturday with the Glamorgan Vale riders which went from the pub, down the motorway, to the Tumbulgum Hotel for lunch. Great catching up with friends even though we managed to loose one rider on the way. Apparently after he stopped trying to find us he had quite a good day. It's a wonder we didn't loose more from the ride because Rusty missed a turn that should have had us going back through the Numinbah Valley past Natural Arch, but instead we headed out towards Nimbin. Kyogle Road from Murwillumbah is great to ride, so before too long we were 70ks south at Kyogle with a smile on our faces, only to realise it was getting late and we were about 3 hours from home. Oh well, it was a great ride and possibly even better from then on, riding the Mt Lindsay Highway over the boarder ranges then the Rathdowney-Boonah Road - fantastic at high speed! We rode hard and fast all day and I just loved it.

One of our group had a spill which put a bit of a damper on the day though. He took a corner a bit too fast and ended up just missing a tree and was thrown into a barbed wire fence. A driver in a 4WD took him to hospital while a couple of us arranged to get his bike back to town. The bike was rideable only having a small scratch and a bent forward control gear change rod, and thankfully our mate wasn't in too bad a way. I guess we like to think positive and say he was lucky it could have been much worse. He ended up with 80 stitches in his upper arm and some micro surgery on his finger to fix a bit of tendon damage, but he's in good spirits and happy that the insurance company came to the party with a new jacket and fixed his bike.

I went to the Imbil Rally a few weeks back. That rally is on my must do list; it was excellent. I met up with new and old friends, danced and partied till the wee hours and had a great ride to and from Imbil through Kenilworth, Melany, Kilcoy and Esk. There is only a DJ playing music, but everyone has a great time and its one of the few runs not put on by a patch club where there are a high percentage of Harleys. It’s nice to get there early and relax during the day with a cold drink and for those a little competitive, there is a gymkhana in the afternoon that is pretty entertaining.

I took a 2010 model FatBoy Lo out for a test ride recently too, thinking it might be my next new bike, but that's not going to happen. I didn't like the riding position and the fact that I scraped the running boards half a dozen times on a ride around town. Just imagine what it would be like on some windy roads. Oh well, it just wasn't meant to be no matter how much I liked that customised denim black beauty.

Back in September I went on an overnighter to Bundaberg with a group of 12 bikes; about 420 kms each way. A friend of ours is working in a pub up there, so what better excuse for a ride and party night. And party we did! I still laugh when I look back at the videos of people dancing (and staggering) on the bar. A great bunch of people and such a good laugh; it was one of the best overnighters I've been on in a long time. No mishaps and excellent riding both ways; can't beat that.

I know there are countless other rides that I have been on since I last wrote a blog, but hey, you just should have been there. As usual I forgot to pull out my camera most of the time, but I'm sure I can rustle up some pics from somewhere!

Safe riding over the silly season everyone! Take care and don't risk drinking and riding because they'll be out in force. I'll be relaxing by a spa/pool with a cocktail at a five star resort on the Gold Coast for a week over new year's but am planning to take an extra day off work the day before Australia Day and to make the most of a four day weekend and some twisters in Northern NSW. Let me know by email if you're interested in joining in.

Happy New Year Catch you in 2010 Cheers Donna


Everybody Hurts....

Thought this would be appropriate given the time of year - warning, some of it is graphic, but it is meant to be!

Stay safe....and just think a little.