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Poker Machines On Wheels!!!!

Had to laugh at this...Speed Cameras A Con. I really think that the Queensland Government has stuffed up big time on this - speed cameras are supposed to be a deterrent to speeding. To do so, I believe that we need to see more police on the roads, not unmarked cars parked on the side of the road with radars!

They boast that they are trying to reduce the road toll by adding more unmarked speed cameras to our roads!! How can you say you are attempting to deter speeding when you are doing so by deception?? It really is insulting the drivers of this state, being treating like children.

It should be about the visual impact with more cops on the road - I know that I and nearly everyone else will always watch their behaviour on the road if a candy car is visible. They are on the spot and can deal with the situation in an appropriate manner. To have a politician tell us that "when people get tickets in the mail it will dawn on them" is an insult not only to us, but also to the police who are forced to bear the anger of drivers/riders.

Good on you Ian Leavers for speaking your mind.