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Mid Life Bike Crisis???

I have been sitting here today looking back through some of the posts I have put up on this site - ranging back to mid 2005!! Whilst I found a lot of it entertaining, I also found it a little depressing, coz I feel as if I have lost the urge to ride for fun and share it with others.

This year has not been the best for me personally and I have just not been able to motivate myself to get out on the roads on the weekend. I still commute to work every day on my bike and love the ride, but come the weekend I just cannot motivate myself. On the odd occassion that I have done so, the last thing I felt like doing was trying to recount the day and then document it. I keep telling myself that this feeling will pass and I will get back into it and I reckon it will, but not just yet.

I have booked a few weeks annual leave in October and I plan to ride down to Phillip Island for the MotoGP. I will spend a few nights camping at the track and have a ticket to one of the stands - I am really looking forward to it. I then plan to link up with some of the GSX riders in Melbourne and ride with them up to the MCR, our annual get together in Bathurst. Now that will be special as I have never ridden the Victorian side of the Snowy Mountains, and I am told it is spectacular.

I will be setting off on my own, but no doubt will meet other riders on the road heading south, so am looking forward to it - no real plans except to get there, except I wanna be there for the first day of practice on the Thursday. I reckon it will be a good way to get that feeling back!!

Still need to get myself set up with some basic stuff - am looking at getting a decent swag and some decent wet weather gear - but it is good to know that I am committed and it is going to happen. So, if you are heading down to the MotoGP in October, let me know - I may just tag along for the ride!!