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Harley Davidson Forty-Eight Review

The new Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight motorcycle is a 1200cc V-Twin Sportster that's super cool to be seen on. I really enjoyed this ride, it's got an aggressive raw bobbed style; is responsive and handles well making it fun to ride.

The inspiration for the Forty-Eight name is the seven.eight litre tapered peanut tank that was first seen on Harleys as far back as 1948.

With a blacked out and polished rubber mounted motor, fat tyres, forward controls, low profile handlebars with mirrors mounted underneath, a solo seat and slammed suspension, it's very unique. I think it will appeal to both young men and women. The seat height is only 66cm so you feel in control at all times.

I love the colours too. Vivid Black, Brilliant Silver Pearl, and Sedona Orange colours. I'm a fan of the Black which adds to the rebel look, but the Orange is pretty outstanding too.

The seven.eight litre tank and stretched reach won't have you taking this bike on a long trip and personally it is too stretched for a short-arse like me, but I have that problem with all forward control mounted bikes. The underslung mirrors are easy to adjust to, but don't hang a shoulder bag where it will block the rear view. The shallow lean angle is very limiting so I expect it wouldn't take long to grind off the tabs that are attached to the foot pegs to stop you scraping the bike on more expensive components.

As with most Harleys I found the position of the shifter could be closer, but I managed to bring this to the attention of the design team so hopefully there will be a modified part available in the future.

I was curious about how the bike would handle with the chunky tyres but it was much lighter than expected and they certainly look good. The chopped fenders, blacked components (air cleaner cover, clutch and brake levers and turn signals) and peanut tank add to it's charm.

A special feature of this bike that I found very attractive is the combined indicator/brake lights. The rear indicators also house the brake light leaving the rear fender with a clean look.

Overall this new Sporty has spirited acceleration that might have you lighting up the rear end around town, then take it out on the weekend on the twists and turns of a mountain road with like minded friends and I think you'll have a lot of fun. With on on-road price of $16,625 ride away, Harley adds another cool and affordable bike to its stable of Sportsters.

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