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New Bike - 2010 Suzuki B-King

Hi there strangers!! I have been uber-slack with keeping the site going this year - a lot of stuff happening that has demanded my attention! Apologies for that, but I needed to spend some time sorting my personal shit out and it hopefully is coming to a close.

Great news...I went out a couple of weeks back and bought myself a brand new bike! My GSX1400 had gotten to a stage where I needed to spend a bit of dosh on it and so I decided to check out what was happening at the dealers. I was originally keen on the new Kawasaki Ninja (faired Z1000), but after riding it decided it was a bit too small for my liking - a great bike to ride, however just didn't suit. After doing this I ventured around to the local Suzuki dealer. As I walked in, I spotted a blue & white B-King with Two Brothers pipes - I asked if it was a demo but was told that it was sold a few weeks prior! It really stood out and I instantly fell for it - I had ridden one a month or so earlier and really liked the way it went, but didn't like the black & silver paint. Anyhow, I met the owner and he fired her up.....OMFG, this was it!!

After an hour or so waiting for a price, the sales guy came back to me with what I considered to be a good deal - that was it, my first new piece of machinery! I went back a week later and picked the King up minus the stock plastic crap on the rear and with a set of nice loud pipes - gees what a machine.

I have been commuting on it now for a few weeks but the weather has been so wet here in Queensland I have not had the chance to give it some. It is an awesome bike - lots of poke and I haven't even lifted the needle past 5k! I suppose when you ride a naked bike with a Gen 2 Busa donk you should expect a bit of get up and go, and I have not yet been dissappointed. The biggest difference between the 1400 and the King is the delivery of power on take off - the 14 was smooth and consistent off the mark whereas the B-King hits a certain point and just absolutely launches. Man, it is incredible!!

The great thing about this bike is that I have have found the need to ride & share it all again. Cool - will keep you all posted on how it goes!

2010 Suzuki B-King - seeeeeexy!!