no politics...just ridin'

Blackbutt - that's an understatement!

Hi everyone. Donna here again. It’s been a while and plenty has been going on, in fact I've diversified somewhat lately, taking up other adventurous sports which means I don't get to spend quite so much time on my bikes, but's all about choices, so as long as it's fun, bring it on.

I have done some riding of course! I was invited to pick up a brand new Harley Davidson Black Line to take home and test ride for 2 weeks, which was a privilege indeed. Unfortunately the handlebars were not adjustable, so it wasn't as very comfortable for a short arse like me and I didn't do quite as much riding as I would have liked to; plus it was the middle of winter but nonetheless, I did enjoy it and will write up a review soon.

I've got my boat and PWC licence recently and have found out just how much fun a jet ski is. What a blast! I absolutely love it; mind you falling off can be quite painful too, but hell if you can't push it to the max, where's the fun? If only there was more time for all the fun toys.

I had an accident last September, which I’ve not advertised. I guess I’ve been a little embarrassed by it all. I was on a Poker Run with the No Hopers; on the second leg of the run going up the Blackbutt Range when I was distracted by some friends with video recorders on the side of the road after we came around a corner (at high speed). I haven't been able to look at the video myself more than once, but it’s not often an accident like this is captured on video, so I’ll have a go at uploading it.

The guy behind me was distracted too and didn't react quickly enough, but I take my share of the responsibility for the accident and am just glad we both came away without any serious injuries. I was wearing leather and Kevlar and only sustained a LOT of bruises and a bent bike. I was lucky not to be run over after sliding down the road and as you will see quite a few bikes managed to avoid further collisions.

People have told me how lucky I was that day and others have told me how tough I was getting back on my bike and finishing the ride and partying till the wee hours of the morning, but I can tell you...I didn't feel very tough the next morning or for quite a few weeks. A bit of handy panel beating on the side of the road and I was off again, but it took months to get my bike repaired (luckily I have another one). It's better than ever now with plenty of new bling and I don’t recall my life flashing in front of my eyes, so all’s well that ends well.

The crash happened on the Blackbutt Range and I ended up with a seriously black butt; hence the title of this blog. Take care and keep on enjoying life.