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Taffy's Revenge

I must apologise to Taffy for giving his HD heaps in the Murwillumbah post a while back - don't want to upset anyone now, do we !! Of course it had to happen - I jumped on my bike when leaving RuSeL yesterday and it took 3 tries to get it going - all the while Taffy was up the top larfin and gining me shit about my bike - sweet revenge hey Taff. Oh, by the way Taffy sends a big hello to Mandi. does go...most times!!

Pink Ribbon Ride

The Pink Ribbon Ride is one of the biggest draw cards on the Bris Biker calendar and supporting a good cause - breast cancer awareness and fund raising. A group of us met at Grizz and Pandas for breakfast and then rode this ride. Now I'm not gonna go on too much except to say that is was another great riding day. The ride left from Griffith Uni at Mt Gravatt and ended at the Bearded Dragon (no...not my ex) Pub at Tamborine. Afterwards, a group of us rode up the hill to Tamborine Village and then back to RuSeL - the Logan Village RSL - for a few drinks and a chat. I had Cass with me taking pix and there were plenty more pix taken by others. Thought I would let some of the the pix do the talking......
Good on her...she got into the spirit of the day!! We need to see more of this
Grasshopper and his PINK Harley!!
The muster point at Griffith Uni
The Colonel
V8 powered Boss Hoss - only 385kg dry
Grizz strikes a pose
...the VTX even flashed her melons for the cause...
On the road at last
Grasshopper stopped for a leak along the way...
Just had to fit a pic of this chickie and her pink bike in...mmmmm
Grasshopper lends support to the cause
The Bearded Dragon Pub


Got to Grizz & Pandas place about 9 - Steve & Grasshopper(the man formerly known as Grunter) were there as well Tas (who was up here on work)and Devil (who flew up to join Tas). Grizz was not home - had to attend to some family business - but eventually arrived about 10.30 and we then departed. Panda had to ride on the back of Grizz's bike while Tas and Devil took Pandas VTX. Headed straight up the motorway to the Gateway Toll Plaza where we met Dodge and his lady friend. We pulled in for fuel at Nudgee and then headed up the Bruce - there was again quite a bit of traffic.
Stopped here for a smoke and a chat
Pulled into the Ettamogah Pub for a smoke/drink for a while and while there the guys spoke about the Gladstone trip they are doing next weekend - I would love to be going but have to help Kat move to Kingscliff - luck pricks!! We decided to head to Buderim to have a look for something Grizz dropped off his truck yesterday. Got to a turn off and parked the bikes on the side of the road - had a look along the side of the road and in the bush but nothing was found - oh sorry, Grasshopper the man formerly known as Grunter) found a fork which is probably the first he's had in a while!!

From there we rode through Buderim taking in the scenery - not bad at all. I had never been through there before (what a sheltered life I have led!!) and would definitely return. Finally stopped at Yandina for lunch - nothing special just sat on the footpath in the shade and ate - I needed the food though. We re-fuelled and then decided to head home.
Lunch on the footpath at Yandina
Tas and Devil wanted some pics of the Big Pineapple so we pulled in and parked the bikes right in front of it. Dodge doesn't like pineapple so he thought he would try one smoked - and he did a pretty good job of smoking it!! I'm sure the tourists thought otherwise.
Dodge smokes the Big Pineapple
Anyway,got back on the Bruce Highway for a short squirt and then took the Landsborough turn off and headed back through Caboolture. We stopped for the last time and said our goodbyes then headed down the Bruce at a good pace, onto the Gateway and over the Gatway Bridge. I left em at the Wynnum Road turn off.

All up about 330kms and another entertaining ride.


We have been experiencing some pretty wild storms in South East Queensland all of this week - had a good one last Monday night (24 Oct) and someone managed to get this shot of lightning hitting the Q1 building on the Gold Coast.

A truly unbelievable shot...

Lightning hits Q1 on the Gold Coast

Kobbers AGM

Met with the other 5 Kobber bikes at exit 38 spot on 7 for a 7:30 departure on Saturday morning. Rode down the M1 and picked up another 4 bikes - including Koff's with the new half ape hangers - on the hill at Tweed. Weather looked threatening but it was still warm so decided to do the ride all the way without the plastics. The ride down was really enjoyable - the furthest south I had ever gone on the Pacific Hwy was the Yamba turn off, so I found it interesting. Alley and Spokes caught up to us at Grafton and from there was an easy ride to Coffs Harbour then Sawtell.
Smoko on the way to Sawtell
Arrived about 3pm - the Sydney guys (lots of em) were already there so it was an interesting welcoming at the caravan park. Me and Kat dumped our stuff in our unit and then along with Slayer, Skids, Koff and Tiki headed to the RSL for a drink. Spent a couple of hours drinking and relaxing then headed back to the cabins to get ready for dinner which was at the RSL.
A couple of the guys warming up!!
Skids, Slayer, Tiki, Koff and Kat at dinner on Saturday night
The rest of the weekend was really good fun. Sunday morning Koff, Slayer and myself and our girls went up to the lookout to have a look at the scenery - spectacular and the photos proove it!! Later on we did a ride inland from Coffs - it was pissing down but was still enjoyable - even had a bike go down right in front of us. After comforting her and picking her bike up off the road she hopped back on and slowly rode back to the units. Her hitting the road really freaked me out - but she touched the rear brakes so hopefully she will learn!!

After getting back to the cabins we had a bad tast evening and later a BBQ. Most of us really did well in what we were wearing. After we had finished eating the initiation for all new memebers - incluing me - took place. Gee, Cro did well in telling the bullshit story!!
Group shot of all the Kobbers bikes just before our Sunday ride
Monday morning we packed up and went to breakfast at the pub. After eating said our goodbyes to the Sydney crew and headed home. The ride back was dry but threatening - I will say that going thru the tunnels on the motorway near Murwillumbah with 14 cruisers is a near deafening experience!!

We stopped for the last time at Tugun and said our goodbyes. Kat and I then took off for her mothers place at Robina. It was a great weekend and I am looking forward to hopefully catching up with some of the Sydney guys at the end of November when Kat and I do the Snowy Ride.
At the lookout
See the rest of the AGM photos here

Beach Weather

Well it was kids weekend just gone & I didn't even get to clean the bike let alone ride it - spent all weekend down the Gold Coast lying on the beach and swimming. Man it was hot on both Saturday and Sunday and the bushfires have already started - think we are in for a really long, hot summer. Reckon it may have been too hot on the bike this weekend anyway. Got the Kobbers AGM this weekend coming so will get a fair bit of riding in - as always can't wait!!

Stupid Blonde Ho!!

There were some real f**kwits out on the road this morning!! I was scootin along Wynnum Rd into the city just like every other working day when a silver Magna (rego 475-FCB) with a blonde chick behind the wheel decides to sit right up my arse - she was so close to me that she could have seen what I had for breaky. So I do what I always do and apply the brakes to get her away from me - but no she just kept comin I just kept applying my brakes. She couldn't get past me as there was slow traffic in the other lane but eventually she did - her and her little man sitting next to her threw all kinds of insults at me and he even threw a couple of pens and other shit out the window into my path on the road. Shit she had a fowl mouth for a little girl. Anyway, the next 2 sets of traffic lights (I was a few cars in front of them) were quite entertaining as they continued to dish it up to me - I think I pissed em off more coz I just laughed at em. I don't know why everyone thinks that a Harley is a REAL bike - but thats what he kept yelling at me!! Dickhead. I think the thing that surprised me the most was how young they were - just kids.

So..if you ever come across this little ho and her big he man boyfriend just laugh at em - seemed to get more results than abusing them back.

Top Of The Range

Thought I would do Alleys North ride on Saturday so jumped on the bike and headed to the North meeting point. Lots of fog still hanging around - probably from last nights rain - but the day was supposed to be warm. Five bikes - Spokes, Alley, Bear, Sarge and myself left Maccas spot on 9 and headed out through Samford. The ride over Mt Glorious was great - hardly any traffic and nice and cool - although I failed to keep up due to me scraping on most tight coners. Anyway caught up for a break on the road down. On re-mounting Alley and Bear swapped bikes for Alley to get a feel of the big VTX.

Over Mt Glorious and time for a break
Rode onwards to Esk and man is it dry out this way - no wonder we are on water restrictions - nothing green out this way only dried out farmland and dust!! Really let the VTX off the hook on a couple of straight stretches and enjoyed it - mind you there were shit loads of bugs about due to the rain from the night before. Rode into Esk where Sarge needed to re-fuel while the rest of us had a chat. Think Alley really enjoyed Bears VTX and may even end up with one. On the road again and took the turn to Hampton for the ride up the range through the National Park - love this ride - nothing too tight just nice smooth sweeping corners and all the while riding through the trees. They have finally finished been doing the road up from what used to be a single lane of bitumen in some parts to a full 2 lanes of bitumen so that made this part of the ride even better. Finally hit the top of the range and Hampton, turned left and headed to Cabarlah for lunch at the Farmers Arms.

Hot in the sun at Hampton getting fuel
Lunch was good and Gringo and Chiquita rolled in while we were stopped. Once finished we headed back to Hampton to re-fuel - man it was now getting hot in the sun even up here!! Turned to head down the range at Pechey - took a road past a dam which was a good stretch of windys and then got back onto the main road heading to Esk. Stopped in Esk and slapped on plenty of sunscreen - I was burning up - should have worn long sleeves. Had a drink and a rest in the shade then on the bikes and headed back up to Mt Glorious. This was a refreshing part of the ride as the temperature dropped the higher we headed - took this part of the ride nice and easy to enjoy the cooler temp and soak up the sights. Gringo took his time as manouvering the Winnebago - whoops I mean Royal Star - can be tricky on these tight curves!!

Having a chat on top of Mt Glorious
All pulled into the cafe on the mountain and ordered refreshments - Spokes spotted another Warrior rider pull in and took off and had him trapped for the best part of half an hour. Anyway we all said our goodbyes and headed home from the top of the mountain - rally enjoyed the ride down and on to Samford at my own paceout towars the bay. Got home just after 5 and 430kms with another smile on my face - Kat must think somethings going on but it's only between me and my bike!!.