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The First Days of Winter

Winter is definitely here and , wow, am I feeling it!! It is so cold but so very dry - my lips are just starting to show the first signs of cracking from the open face helmet. I now try to cover my face when riding and apply lip balm every time I get off the bike. As a point of interest, the Brisbane City Council has declared that as from next Tuesday, 13th June, we will be on level 3 water restrictions, mainly due to the fact that our total dam capacity is due to fall below 30% and we wont really get any real soaking rain for another few months. The government seems to have been forced into action by announcing plans for 2 new dams and other water saving initiatives - but it isn't going to help us now - they should have been looking at this a few years back - must be an election in the pipeline!! This is the dryest I have ever seen Brisbane. I must admit, it is great weather for riding but we really do need some decent rain.

Anyway, didn't do any decent riding on the weekend as I had my daughters, but did manage to slot in a Sunday afternoon cruise around my local area. Rode over Mt Cotton then out to the Redland Bay Hotel for a bite to eat while we soaked up the afternoon sun and admired the bay views. From there we headed back to Cleveland Point and then to the Grand View Hotel - sat out the front in the sun. Really nice way to finish the weekend.

Looking forward to another 3 day break this coming weekend - we are heading out to Bikers Dream, a biker friendly camping property near Warwick, with some of the Logan Village guys so that will be another excellent few days of riding and nights of entertainment.

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Blogger Biker Betty said...

Seems like there are draughts everywhere. Did I read that right, you are now coming into winter?

2:30 PM  
Blogger Beaker said...

Yep...winter is the driest time up where I live - we get our rain in summer when it is really humid and stormy. The further south you go the colder and wetter it gets.

7:38 AM  

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