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I had an encounter this morning on my way to work which reminded me of why a lot of motorists & riders dislike cyclists.

I was riding along a major arterial road and as the traffic was moving very slowly decided to overtake the traffic in the kerbside lane before the road thinned from three lanes to two. As I was about to pass a bus I could see two cyclists riding two abreast in the lane that I was in, with the guy on the road side sitting bang smack in the middle of the lane. Whilst he didn't really inconvenience me in any great way, he did pose a threat to both himself and to other traffic.

Now as you probably already know from previous posts, I have little time for cyclists using major roads in this manner. I know - I can hear all the cyclists out there saying that he was only trying to be seen and provide himself and his co-rider with some room, however I believe that as they are much slower moving, they should not be allowed on main roads at peak times. Use the footpath or the back roads in my opinion - arterial roads are for cars, trucks, busses & motorcycles that can motor along at the speed limit and not have to worry about a slow moving obstacle such as a pushbike.

I am not angry at this guy, just amazed that he was stupid enough to sit right out in the line of fire. As I passed him I sat on my horn to alert him that I was there and make him realise how risky his actions were. Perceptions are built on the actions of a few standouts, and this guy did nothing to help his cause. Had he been riding behind or in front of the other cyclist, I probably wouldn't even have noticed him.

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The Strip Down Begins....

Had a bit of time on my hands on Friday night and so thought I would commence the strip down of the GS. I am still yet to get it to turn over, but believe that I have a problem with the starter motor, so will get onto that next. Anyway, I did manage to remove the rear guard, tank, covers and the exhaust (....I managed to shear two of the eight bolts in the process - what a prick - now I have to get them out). Once I had completed that I was able to see what I have to work with, and man, I now realise that I have a lot of work in front of me!!

It was very obvious that this bike had sat out in the weather for a fair period of time before the guy that I bought it off had picked it up, so it will need a good clean before I start to disassemble the carbs or motor. The wiring is pretty average and will need attention, the exhaust system is fairly well rusted and the carbs are filthy - and thats just a few things. Luckily, the motor doesn't appear too bad, although there is a fair bit of oil on the front, centered around the number two exhaust outlet. I am still unsure whether the oil is from a leaking gasket or it has blown out of the exhaust port - I just hope its a gasket!!

I look at this bike and I am so tempted to get stuck into the cosmetics, but my first goal is to get the motor running. After that, the carbs come off for a clean. Only once that has been accomplished will I turn to modifying the look of the bike.

My opinion so far....I think it will be a while before she is on the road!!

Side view

Sheared bolts after removing the exhaust system - bugger!!

Fair bit of oil on the front around the number two exhaust outlet - hidden by the frame

Tankless but filthy - that is what happens when left outside in the weather

I love the ass ends on these bikes - shaft drive really tidies em up!!

Carbs need a re-condition - have ordered parts for this already

Actually looks quite cool with the tail section removed

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Another weekend and this time Kat & I did a ride with the fellas from the We all met at Exit 38 early on Saturday morning - the count was 9 GSX's and a single BMW. We had decided to head to Kyogle and the Commercial Hotel for lunch - check the route here.

The ride from Yatala through Beaudesert and then Lions Road to Kyogle was excellent. Got tailed by a cop for a fair bit of the Beauy to Lions Road turn-off so it was at a slower than usual pace, but once onto Lions Road we were into it. We pulled up just after crossing the border for a break at the Loop Lookout for about half an hour and after sharing our versions of the ride so far, got back into it. Everytime I ride this stretch of road I really do appreciate it - it does take a hell of a lot out of you with all the up and down hill slow corners and cattle grids, but it is just so enjoyable. The lack of any real 4 wheeled traffic makes the tight twisty sections that much better.

We reached Summerland Way at the end of Lions Road as a group and then headed into Kyogle, albeit spread out along the highway a little. Pulled up at the Commercial Hotel and caught up with Ant, another GSXer from Grafton who had ridden up to meet with us - turns out he had to head straight back to get to work, but it was good of him to travel the 130kms to say g'day. Once Ant had left, we lunched and chatted about the ride down to Bathurst for the annual get together happening at the end of November.

We left Kyogle just after 1pm on Saturday arvo and started the ride back up to Brisbane. We had decided to take the Murwillumbah Road, but turn off before Uki and cut through to Tyalgum and then Chillingham on the Numinbah Valley Road. The road to Murwillumbah used to be a great road to ride BUT it is currently in a pretty bad way with a lot of potholes and grooves in the bitumen on the switchbacks just out of Kyogle. A lot more trucks seem to be using this road and they are just chewing it up, which is a real pity. Anyway, we followed this road until not too far out of Uki, where we took a left turn onto Byrrill Creek Road, a route that none of us had ever ridden. This started out as a not too bad stretch of bitumen, but soon turned to gravel - a few of the guys turned back and decided to follow the main road into Murwillumbah and up the motorway, but 6 of the bikes continued through to Tyalgum, of which about 7 to 10kms was unpaved. I half expected the road to have some rough spots after planning this route by looking at maps only, but it was not too bad in the end, and anyway, ebing able to explore the roads is what makes riding these parts so good.

After re-grouping in Tyalgum, we took the road through to Chillingham where we stopped for fuel and said our goodbyes. From here, we headed back towards Nerang via Numinbah. I have written lots about this bit of road and so won't go on, but the last stretch through Advancetown along side the Hinze Dam was fantastic fun. Those corners are so enjoyable on a bike like the GSX - leaning right over and hugging the road, what a buzz. We continued on towards Nerang where Kat and I stopped for fuel, leaving the others to continue on home. Once we fueld up we hit the motorway and headed home.

Was a great days riding, and man it is good to be home!

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