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We Deserve Better From The QPS

Why do they never want to listen? Why do these regularly ignorant traffic cops refuse to listen to anything from you when you are pulled over for breaking a traffic law whilst trying to protect yourself? The last time I was booked was in early March - it was one of these occasions.

I was riding to work and pulled up at traffic lights next to a car. I was watching this bloke because I could see he was playing with his phone. When the lights turned green the driver of this car decided to pick up his phone and try to text someone - in doing so his car swerved from his lane into the left lane where I was and then across into the lane to the right of the one he started in!! My natural instinct was to get away, and do so in a hurry. It just so happened that I was in the cross hairs of a coppers speed gun at that exact time.

The first thing he asked me after pulling me over was "Do you have any medical reason for breaking the posted speed limit?". WTF?? Doesn't life preservation count?? I tried to explain to this prick-in-blue what had previously happened, but he was not interested at all . He simply said to me that "That is no reason to break the speed limit".

Now, let me tell you something - whomever is trying to spread this bullshit about making roads safer by setting up more speed camera locations is totally ignorant. Had I been listened to, I think I had a fair case - the fact of the matter is that this prick-in-blue (and he was a first class prick) did not want to listen to me. I felt I was protecting myself from being hit, but not in a "legal" way - I will be the first to admit that I was speeding as I did directly to him, however, my life is far more important than breaking the posted speed limit!! The majority of Queensland Traffic Police treat all motorists the same, which is totally wrong - us riders deserve a little bit of leniency in situations like the above. We don't have the luxury of more than a ton of metal protecting us.

So, if you are serious Mr Commissioner Bob Atkinson, pull your head out and tell your enforcers to use a little common sense, because the Queensland Police Service is fast becoming the Department of Revenue for our state government and loosing a lot of respect with motorcycle riders!



Anonymous Otter said...

My impression is that one may break a law in order to avoid a more severe crime from being committed...Surely speeding a bit in order to avoid being run over fits this bill? It's something I do regularly to get away from idiot drivers, but fortunately have never been caught.

4:12 AM  
Blogger Iron Chef said...

Speed fines are a worldwide revenue raising item for governments. They have been brain washing us all for years.
Our highways are 100, but similar roads exist everywhere in the world which I have driven and they have limits of between 80 (Japan) up to 140 (Poland) and all those governments say similar things about speeding, but the cars and roads are same hence the joke is on us that 90 will get you a ticket in Japan but not here and 140 will mean loss of licence here but is legal on roads in Poland.
But wait 'speed kills' is the catch cry, well they made manufactures fit seat belts so I always ask if that us true why don;t we see GPS speed limiters legislated. But not one politician will back those due to the loss of billions from speed fines.

10:47 PM  
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