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Harley Davidson Price Drop - Yes it's true - they are now even more affordable (and fun)

2012 Harley Davidsons are going to cost you less than last year's model!

Here's a few of the prices:

Wide Glide with the 103 motor and ABS braking $24,495 ($4,400 less than the 2011 model)

Fat Boy with 103 motor and ABS braking $$27,995 ($4,255 less)

Heritage Softail Classic with 103 motor and ABA $29,495 ($3,000 less)

Softail Standard with 103 motor and ABS $26,995 ($1,000 less)

So this year you get more grunt, better handling and a better deal....go check them out. The dealers are having their open days soon so go have a test ride of the 103 motor, you're certain to be impressed!

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Anonymous YouMotorcycle said...

I read somewhere the average income of people purchasing new Harleys in 2010 was $85,000. Way out of my income bracket. They had to drop prices in this economy. The people not making that kind of bread aren't spending. The people that are still making that much dough know better than to spend.

5:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

when beaker says anything on his web blog its about bikes and the people that ride em . When its from Donna its HD or nothing she should learn that not all people like HD

6:45 PM  
Blogger ^_^ wReY and R0bbY said...

Well, we love HD! My boyfriend dreams of owning one! Hopefully, their prices will be even more affordable in the next few years! ^_^

by the way, please hop over our blog about fashion and motorcycles and we would love it if we can follow each other & support our little blog! ヅ

Thank you! ヅ

4:07 PM  
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Anonymous Ridetek said...

Good move. Good news to bikers but it will come at a cost in present era of high fuel cost too.

6:53 PM  

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