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No Hopers Poker Run

Every year I look forward to the No Hopers Poker Run. It's held in September and those hillbillies certainly know their way around the country roads. Their clubhouse is up on the Hampton Range and most of them live around the Esk, Hampton, Ipswich, Crows Nest areas, so riding around those roads is second nature to them.

Their run gets around 100-200 bikes each year and even though this year the weather wasn't perfect, with gusty wind, there was still a great turn up. They met at the Sundowner Hotel at Haigslea this year, took some great riding roads with 2 pub stops and then back to their clubhouse for drinks, a band, good food and great company.

This is the ride that I had my accident on last year where another bike slammed into the back end of my bike, but fortunately there were no accidents this year, and normally it's all incident free.

I didn't take many photos this year, once again busy riding and partying, but my friend Cath was kind enough to pass over a few that I've attached below.

Look out for this ride next year, the ride is always exciting and the party afterwards is not to miss. Cheers Donna
PS Beaker - where were you this year???

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