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Custom Rocket For Sale

Dodge has finished the work on his custom Rocket and it is now for sale. I was lucky enough to have a ride of it on Sunday, and man, all I can say is if I had the spare cash, I would be the new owner. If you or anyone you know is interested in an attention grabbing Rocket with plenty of go, please shoot me an email and I can put you in touch with him.

Another Suzuki - The Rat

I finally managed to pick up of my second Suzuki over the weekend, a shaft drive 1980 GS850 that I purchased off eBay for $700 whilst still in Kazakhstan. I bought it with the intention of having a cheap but reliable bike that I can do my daily commute on, as the GSX is really starting to clock up the miles. I plan to cut the rear off it and turn it into a single seater, with a rattle can paint job and just a few custom bits - nothing flash, just rat it.

I will post the results of any work that I do to it here, along with progress pics, so stay tuned!!

I like bits of all of the following GS's, so I am using these as examples on which to base mine...